According to WGME 13, the State of Maine has seized 'dozens' of animals from a shelter that has been operating for quite sometime with no license.

As of Thursday evening, officials were still on scene of an apparent residence at 58 Sanford Road, Alfred Maine.

WGME indicates that the building was being used as an animal shelter, though no licenses had been administered for it to operate as one. In fact, WGME reports that the aspiring animal shelter had failed several state inspections over the last year.

The animals that were seized by the dozens are now undergoing medical evaluations by veterinarians. WGME also reports that the owners of the unlicensed shelter are currently not cooperating with authorities.

Officials are also not releasing information on what condition the animals were in when they were being seized, or what their living conditions inside the building were like prior to the seizure, WGME reports.

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