It's been nearly a year since our lives, not just locally but globally, were flipped upside down with the announcement of a virus that had been discovered overseas. Now, nearly 12 months later and we're in the middle of possibly the biggest worldwide pandemic of our lifetime.

Here in Maine we've had it 'pretty good'. I put quotes around that because anytime something happens that causes people we love to die it is never really 'good'. What is good is Maine's massive geographical footprint and relative low population. In Maine, unlike many other states that have had it far worse, we are pretty spread out. Though that can only curtail things like an easily spreadable virus for so long.

Like many, I myself have had an interesting ride with how to go about life in a pandemic. Some days you somehow convince yourself that things are getting better and it's 'not as bad as it seems on TV', and then the next thing you know it hits close to home and acts as a wake-up call that things are getting even more intense out there.

Today is a historical day for Maine. Not the kind of history that is fun to report on, but the kind that's sad. Today the Maine Center for Disease Control is reporting record breaking cases and deaths in the last day. Today it was announced that there are 782 new confirmed cases and 41 new deaths.

For quite sometime we would go days and days without any new deaths, then one or two would be reported. But now the numbers seem to be rising- and quickly. According to the Kennebec Journal Maine has seen a total of 28,407 cases and 426 total deaths.

Dr. Nirav Shah from the Maine CDC is expected to address the state today at 2 PM.

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