According to WGME a man from Phippsburg was attacked by a fox early Tuesday morning and the entire ordeal was captured by surveillance cameras.

Jake Becwar was attempting to get into his vehicle in his driveway on Ridge Road Tuesday morning when the incident. According to Becwar, and clearly what you can see in the video, a fox ran up and began attacking him.

The fox began attacking him at his feet and took him down to the ground. Becwar was then able to fight the fox off with an ice scraper. Fortunately, the fox did not actually bit Becwar, though he did sustain some injuries to his back when he fell trying to get away.

The Animal Control Officer said that while they were responding to this call, Mid Coast Hospital called an indicated they were treating a DIFFERENT person who had also been attacked and bitten by a fox earlier that morning in Phippsburg.

The fox was later found with porcupine quills in its mouth and subsequently killed by the Sheriff's Office. The fox has been brought to Augusta to undergo rabies testing.

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