I am all for a good selfie but gees don’t risk your life for it…ok?

According to WGME and the Washington Post, a new study from All-India Institute of Medical Sciences found over 250 people have died while taking a selfie between 2011 and 2017.

Now, that is from around the world not just in the good’ol USA.

The report says 259 deaths happened while taking selfies in 137 incidents. These are the reported deaths…I am betting there are more that were not reported as such.

Over 70% are guys and the mean age is 23 with 85% between 10 and 30. Where is all this happening? India topped the list followed by Russia, United States, and Pakistan.

What happen? Drowning, followed by incidents involving transportation like taking a selfie in front of an oncoming train and of course there is falling from heights. Some other causes of selfie-related deaths include animals, firearms and electrocution.

I wish you could see my face right now.  I know accidents happen and can have deadly consequences, but no selfie is worth your life.

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