I woke up this morning and read in the BDN there were two people presumptive positive for the coronavirus at Oceanview.

My Aunt Jean lives at Oceanview in Falmouth.

Oceanview is a retirement community.  It is a lovely place and everyone I have ever met there is wonderful. I read that at 3 am. I did not call until 9am, because that is what I was taught. 

So here is what is running through my mind...Oceanview is a big place. There is a big central building with apartments and cottages all around it.  It is not a nursing home. It is a retirement community.  I am sure they are on top of it.

Here is what I had seen. A gentleman in his 80's and his spouse according to the BDN story that was a presumptive positive.  But my aunt told me the persons with the positive lives in the cottages.  From what I read he is being treated at Maine Med. Aunt Jean lives in the central building in one of the apartments. (Side note: she has the MOST amazing view of Portland and the harbor) So things there are good. There are no activities, residents are no longer dining together and staying in their homes.

Falmouth also has two first responders quarantined because they treated a coronavirus patient.

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