What is that classic saying you always hear people using? All crappy New England weather events come in threes? Well, it has to be something like that right?

New England has been absolutely hammered with winter weather over the course of the last 8 days or so with two major storms that dumped literal feet of snow over the entire region.

Adam Winger, Unsplash

Does that mean it's time for a break from the craziness? A little reprieve from the brutal cold and monster snow totals? Well, maybe... but also maybe not. We came across a post this morning from the New England Weather Guy that has us all a little concerned.

Who is the New England Weather Guy? Well, according to his Facebook page (which has more than 30,000 followers and a 5-star rating), "I am not a professional meteorologist. I share my personal predictions and interpretations of weather in New England."

But even with that being said, we scrolled back on his timeline to find that the forecasts he's been providing are credibly accurate. Like, wicked-accurate.

In his most recent post, he talks about a potential storm that would strike the region right around Valentine's Day. He goes on in the post to say that this potential storm would be like our most recent two storms combined.

Now because we're still more than a week out, he does stress that anything could happen and that this storm could pivot and move out to sea and leave us alone. He says it's too early to tell and that people shouldn't start cancelling their Valentine's Day plans until more information becomes available over the next several days.

We'll continue to follow along and see what, if any, updates are made to the extended forecast. But, after all, it is winter in New England and we're always ready for the next storm. Well, we will be after a quick trip over to Hannies for a loaf.

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