Just when you think the Patriots have done it all they go and do something else that no other NFL team has done....again. After being the only team to comeback from a 25 point deficit and win the Super Bowl the organization went out and bought not one but two airplanes. The two 767 Boeing wide-body jets have been tricked out with all first-class seats, some of which recline completely, because the 5 time Super Bowl champs deserve to fly in style and comfort am I right?

The planes have the team logo and colors on the outside and the 5 Lombardi trophies on the tail. But it's the name the planes were given that is the most spectacular thing since Brady raised his fifth Super Bowl trophy.

Names like The Millennium (28-3) Falcon, and GOAT Force Won would have been great and the Patriots could totally get away with it, but the name they decided on is absolutely brilliant.

AIRKRAFTS?? Outstanding! The name doesn't take a jab at any other team because the Patriots are, and always have been above that...mostly.

No word on if the planes will be available for public tours or if Roger Goodell will be allowed on them.

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