Our New England Patriots have decided to freshen up their look and rolled out a new uniform on the holiday bearing their name, Patriot's Day.

According to Patriots.com, the Pats have been working for over two years on the new look. The Patriots now have a fresh new away game jersey to take our boys to the next fashion level. The white jersey has red and blue shoulder stripes and blue numbers outlined in red and silver. Their helmets with the flying Elvis logo are silver too and now look more like an accessory than a piece of safety equipment. I love that.

The Pats' alternate uniform has now become their primary. Back in 2016 the NFL and Nike teamed up to bring some monochromatic excitement to Thursday night games with "Color Rush" uniforms. The Patriots hit the field with a navy blue on blue look and it became their alternate uniform. It's 2020 and time to change it up a bit. The fonts for the numbers and name plates have changed and the color-blocked red, white and blue socks are new.

They can change the uniform all they want as long as they don't stop wearing their lucky underwear. Good news for fans too, the Patriots have also introduced some new shwag for us. Check it out. Along with new jerseys they are also selling Patriots face masks.

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