Of all the thousands of boys and girls who submitted videos for consideration, one of those chosen was from Maine.

According to the Portland Press Herald, 12 year old Stella Hang, a sixth grader at Lyman Moore Middle School, was selected as one of the 32 after the NFL staffers watched a video of her playing flag football.

You may remember that last year's commercial was all about the past.  It featured NFL superstars breaking into a game during an awards ceremony.

This year, the commercial is all about the future.  It features a 13 year old boy on a nationwide journey to get to Miami for Super Bowl 54.  Along the way, he meets pro athletes like Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Drew Brees.  He also encounters the 32 young athletes,  each of which represents one of the league's teams.  Hang will represent the Patriots in the commercial.

We're all very proud of her and hope she has the experience of a lifetime in Miami.

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