While many NFL players are living large off their earnings, rookie New England Patriots cornerback Joejuan Williams uses a different approach to his finances.

According to CNBC, Williams lives off just 10% of his earnings.

The Vanderbilt University alum says he has been "stingy" with his money ever since seeing what his mom had to go through while he was growing up in Tennessee.  And, in high school, he took an economics class where he learned about IRAs, CDs, and other investments.  That's what prompted him to decided to live off only 10% of his income, while investing the rest.

Now, to be fair, we need to put this in prospective.  He's under a four year, $6.6 million contract.  That breaks down to, before taxes, a budget of about $13,750 per month.

That'll easily pay the mortgage on a decent house (or two), utilities, student loan repayment, and a pretty good chunk of play money.  He has no vehicle payment because he bought his outright.

He also used a little of the remaining 90% to pay off what was left of his mother's student loans.

One day, he hopes to start a financial literacy program to help educate underprivileged teens and young adults about the importance of saving and investing.


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