On my drive home this morning I noticed traffic beginning to slow way more than normal as I was approaching the 105/32 intersection. I was travelling eastbound on 105 and approaching the 4-way as I always do on my commute home.

As traffic was slowing and we began to get closer, emergency flashing lights came into view. As we came to a halt in the road, it was clear to see that the Windsor Volunteer Fire Department as well as a Maine State Trooper had responded to what was obviously a multi-car crash that happened right in the middle of the often-busy intersection.

I was able to pull into Hussey's through the back driveway and drive up around front for a better look. And, for the record, I wasn't intentionally being a nosy-nelly, I had to get gas anyway.

As I was pumping fuel, I could hear another siren approaching from the west on 105. It was a Delta paramedic unit. However, when they pulled up on scene, they were swiftly waived away by one of the local firefighters. I can only assume this was a very good sign that there were minimal, or no, injuries on scene. Though we are awaiting confirmation on that.

With people standing around and traffic backing up due to wrecked cars in the roadway, the Maine State Trooper used his Ford Explorer Police Cruiser to push the crashed cars out of the roadway until responding wreckers could arrive. This immediately opened the intersection back up to thru traffic.

As mentioned previously, from what I could tell, it didn't look like there were any major injuries on scene (unless someone had been transported before I arrived) and those that were involved were up and walking around.

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Damage to the vehicles appeared to be what you would expect from a moderate fender bender. Some dents, dings and crunches. Though one of the vehicles was noticeably missing one of its wheels.

We will continue to keep this story updated as more information becomes available to us.

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