A couple days ago was the fist day of Spring in Maine. Of course by 'Spring', what we really mean is 'mud season'.

Ahhh yes, that fateful time of year where everyone who lives on a private dirt road or has an unpaved driveway has to often wonder if they'll be able to get out (or in) of their driveway. Mud season, to put it simply, suck. However it's something that we Mainers have to endure year after year.

And it's not just our Subie Outbacks and Chevy half-tons that are getting fetched up in this soupy mess either. Nope, even Maine school buses aren't immune from getting hung up in the muddy mess of a Maine spring.

A recent Facebook post from Mainer, Brian Totman, appears to show a video of a Maine school bus half buried on a muddy road in Dixmont, Maine, according to commenters.

Mainer Matt even had to drop in make a TikTok about it, too!

@mattjamesonair When you live in Maine you don’t get a springtime, you get a mud season. #mudseason #maine #mainelife #schoolbus #fyp #foryoupage #stuckinthemud ♬ original sound - Matt James



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