Times have changed, no longer is it just a women's conversation regarding birth control pills. Guys now have a pill of their own and a new study of a male birth control pill has passed its first round of human tests.

If you're curious how the "male" pill works, you've come to the right place... it works by suppressing sperm count but doesn't compromise the libido. So you can almost eliminate the fear of unwanted pregnancy but still have all the desire according to a press release from endocrinologists that are at the core of solving this issue.

There are a few things to know, first, the pill doesn’t work immediately. It takes about 60-90 days for a mans hormone level to be at an effective level for birth control. And, there are still some side effects, such as acne to tolerate.

There are still more clinical trials on the way, as this has not been approved by the FDA yet. But, if all goes well... it may be your wife asking you... if you took your pill today!

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