It's a developing trend all across the country now- virtual babysitting. And it's exactly what you think it is.

More and more people now need to work from home and are being forced to work with their kids in the background because schools and daycares are closed. All of these things combined has caused an urgent need for babysitters. But they can't just come to your house.

Enter, babysitters on Facetime and Skype! Now, obviously this isn't something you want to do so you can actually leave your house and go somewhere. But, if you have a big conference call coming up or your working on a proposal for that big client, this may be just the thing you need.

Not only can your babysitter help to keep your kid(s) occupied and entertained for a little while, they can also send you a quick text to let you know if they need you to help them out or if your child needs assistance.

In addition to keeping them occupied, some parents are using their 'digital babysitters' t assist with their child's schoolwork packet. Having a tutor on the iPad at the table with them has really been helping some kids continue to learn while their parents continue to work.

If you're wondering what to pay your virtual babysitter, the current national average for 'virtual sitting' is about $16,50/hr.

Happy Hiring!

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