Originally the fair had said there were no such plans in the works, however it was just announced yesterday that Redington-Fairview General Hospital will in fact be offering vaccination clinics during the running of the 203rd Skowhegan State Fair.

According to the Kennebec Journal, Redington-Fairview's pharmacy director indicated early on that they wanted to offer COVID clinics at the fair, but they were running into issues with overall manpower and scheduling. That is, however, until the EMS department stepped in to help.

The decision was made in part due to the increase in COVID cases state-wide as well as the fact that Somerset County (where the fair is located) currently has the lowest vaccination rate of any county in Maine.

The clinics will run from 12:30 to 3:30 on Saturday and Sunday (August 15th & 16th) and on Friday and Saturday (August 20th & 21st). The clinics will be held near the grandstand area where the EMS ambulance is typically stationed while events are taking place.

Officials say the Moderna vaccine will be available and a smaller supply of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be available while supplies last. With around 100,000 people expected to attend this year's fair, officials are hoping this will be a helpful way of getting Somerset County's vaccination rate up.

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