A Maine teenager was forced to shoot a cow Moose (female) on Tuesday night in St David, Maine after he came across her attacking his dog sled team.

According to the Bangor Daily News, 17-year-old Caleb Hayes was wrapping up a 20-mile training run with his dog sled team on Tuesday evening. His father, Jonathan Nathaniel Hayes, was up ahead on a snowmobile spotting upcoming intersections for his son.

As they were getting closer to their home and location of Poland SPring Seppala Kennels, Jonathan noticed some fresh moose tracks in the snow that he said were not there when they had departed on the run earlier.

He warned his son that there could be a moose nearby and to use caution. When the team pulled back into the kennels they spotted a cow moose that was stomping puppies and destroying dog houses.

When the dog sled team and Hayes boys pulled into the yard it apparently made the moose even more mad. Caleb even said the moose appeared to be growling at them as it carried out its rage.

Caleb took a snowmobile to a neighbors house in search of a gun to shoot the moose with. All the while the moose would continue attacking and then taking short breaks. On his first return trip he brought a muzzleloader from his neighbors. The pair realized trying to load a muzzleloader in the dark wasn't going to work.

Caleb rode back to the neighbors and came back a second time with a 30.06 rifle. He was able to shoot the moose on the second attempt. The moose went down to the ground but was still alive.

They called the warden service and a warden arrive and was able to dispatch the animal with three more shots. Caleb said he and his dad then said a prayer over the moose in gratitude for her life and meat before field dressing the animal.

The Maine Warden Service provided a tag so the pair could be in legal possession of the harvested moose and meat.

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