If you know me at all you know I have 'tick' issues.  Ticks are disgusting little blood suckers. Complication from Lyme took the life of my dog, Coffee, in 2006.  I have spend the last year and a half dealing with own issues with Lyme. Ticks and Lyme go hand in hand.  Now with the spring weather we are in for a new 'tick season'.  Protect yo'self!
The Associated Press says Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports the total of 1,464 cases surpassed the previous high of 1,410 in 2014. The Portland Press Herald reports Lyme cases surged in the fall after a dry summer caused ticks to take on a hibernation-like state.

Cases had been below five-year averages through July.

Meanwhile, according to AP, public health authorities say ticks should be out this week because weather is starting to warm up. Lyme disease symptoms include fatigue, dizziness and joint and nerve pain.

Lyme can be treated with antibiotics. Some people get a "bullseye" rash indicating the disease, but not everyone who contracts Lyme disease will have the rash according to AP.

The best way to deal with Lyme Disease or any of the OTHER disease you can get from ticks is to not have them bite you.  Here are the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Read it. Google it some more. Protect yourself, you family and friends and pets from these buggers.

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