Another reminder that we have some of the best police and first responders in the country right here in Maine.

According to WGME, a Portland police officer recently prevented an elderly person from giving $20,000 to scammers.

During the incident, which happened last Thursday, a relative of the elderly person let police know that he or she had just taken $20,000 out of the bank to buy gift cards who they felt was a scammer.

According to police officials, police got to the scene in the nick of time!  Apparently, the potential victim was just about to start reading of the card numbers to the potential scammer when police officers arrived on the scene.

In a statement, officials said:

Dispatch and patrol officers work together every day to save lives and prevent harm and injury to our neighbors. In this instance, their quick work prevented what would have been a devastating and life-altering loss for a family.

This should serve as a reminder that we need to keep an eye on our loved ones, especially those loved ones who are older.  Sadly, they are the most likely to fall victim to telephone and online scams.

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