One of the most amazing things about living in Maine is the number of great fairs we have.  No matter where you are in the state, from Kittery to Madawaska, you are not far from a great agricultural fair.

And, if you live more centrally, you'll likely have a dozen fairs within an hour's drive.

In addition to the thousands of Mainers who attend our fairs, these events also attract visitors and vendors from New Hampshire, Boston (and the rest of Massachusetts), New York, and beyond.

Here are the run dates for many of the state's biggest fairs.  However, keep in mind that these dates are current as of February 5th, 2022.  That does not mean that the pandemic or other factors will not change these dates.

2022 Maine Agricultural Fair Dates

Even though it may not seem it, Maine fair season is just around the corner. According to the Maine Fairs website, these are the proposed dates for some of Maine's biggest fairs.

Yes, there are a few fairs that did not make it on our list.  Some of those include the Acton Fair (August 25th through August 28th), Blue Hill Fair (September 1st through September 5th), the Washington County Fair (runs August 20th and August 21st), and the Piscataquis Valley Fair (runs from August 25th through August 28th)

You can always check out the entire list of fairs from the Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs website.

What other fairs need to be on our list?   Let us know by sending us a message through our app or on Facebook.

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Which Maine Agriculture Fair is your favorite?  Blue Hill Fair, Windsor Fair, Houlton Agricultural Fair, Fryeburg Fair, Litchfield Fair, Farmington Fair, Topsham Fair, Skowhegan State Fair, Union Fair, Common Ground Fair, Maine Fair Days, Oxford County Fair, Northern Maine Fair?  Let us know by sending us a message through our app or on Facebook.  We always love hearing from you.

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