No matter how you look at it, stealing someone else's stuff is not cool.  But, it always seems even worse when steals something vital from those who owned it.  The tools someone needs to do their job, for example.

According to a post on the Lewiston Rocks Facebook group, a local workman named Alex had his truck broken into on Thursday night (or early Friday morning).  The incident took place near Woods Street and Nichols Street.  They basically destroyed the truck and stole many of the tools he and his co-workers need to do their jobs.  As Alex's friend put it, "it would be like stealing a mailman's truck".

Some of the items stolen were drills, a table saw, and tool pouches.

If you know of anything that could help Alex get his tools back or lead police to the person (or people) whole broke into the truck and stole the tools, please come forward.  Either contact police or call Alex's friend Ben at 207.240.6564

If the information you provide leads to catching the people who stole the tools, you'll get a $500 reward.

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