People are always asking if we're going to have a white Christmas each year, and even if this weekend's weather event is a 'total miss', most Mainers should see still see some 'white stuff' on the ground that's still lingering from last weekend's storm.

Though the storm that Maine meteorologists are tracking certainly isn't a 'blockbuster', it could still have a small impact on your Christmas day travel if you are going to be out on the roads. Though we could, and likely will, see some small snow showers in the morning on Christmas, the bigger threat comes later in the day.

According to News Center Maine's, Mike Slifer, the timing of the event is still up in the air for this weekend. Though early forecast models are showing that snow will develop 'late Saturday' in Maine. According to Slifer's weather blog, this could (and likely will) cause hazardous road conditions for Mainers travelling back home Christmas evening from family outings.

Southern, Central and Western Maine see are the likeliest to see accumulating snow right now, though it's too early to talk totals. According to Slifer, totals for some inland communities could be as little as an inch. Still enough to make the roads slick, so travel with caution!

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