According to the Sun Journal, a Mother and Son were driving down the road recently and noticed something extremely out of the ordinary. Becky and Carlton were on Route 219 in West Paris and in front of them was a skunk.

The skunk was having an issue because their was a white cup stuck over his nose, mouth, and head, according to the article.

Sun Journal via Youtube
Sun Journal via Youtube

As the article states, the skunk was visibly frustrated trying to dislodge the cup from his own head by himself by shaking his head but wasn't having any luck. So Carlton told his mother to stop and pull over.

Carlton is a 16-year-old student at Oxford Hills and obviously cares about animals. Apparently, even animals that could spray him.

Becky told the Sun Journal that Carlton was determined to help this poor skunk and that, he did. Carlton was warned that the skunk could spray him and if that happens "you will walk home" said his mother.

The video from the Sun Journal of the skunk is posted below.

But Carlton did not quit and was able to successfully remove the cup from the skunks head.

Carlton carefully approaching the animal, bending over it and pulling the cup off.
The skunk scurried off without leaving a noxious cloud behind.

Carlton said,

See, Mom, he knows I was helping. He did not spray.

Sun Journal

Becky told the Sun Journal,

“he would stay up all night long” to stay with an animal who needed him.

Please be aware that it is not always a good idea to approach any wildlife because they could be rapid.

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