Standing over the Penobscot River in Prospect Maine is an imposing granite fort, known as Fort Knox. The fort was built back in 1844 to fend off any British attacks coming up the river. Fortunately for those stationed there, they never had to engage in battle. However, Fort Knox has more than a few ghostly residents that refuse to leave and continue to make their presence known, even today.

There is one room in the garrison where sounds of a little girl calling out for her mommy have been heard by many. Though people have tried to connect with the little girl to find out who she is, or who her “mommy” is, she will only cry out for her mother, and nothing else.

There have been unexplained “touches” that people have experienced. Taps on the shoulder, but nobody there. The sounds of foot steps down long empty corridors. There’s lore of an ordinance sergeant named Leopold Hagee who died there. It was his daily duty to open and close the fort and many say you can still hear the sound of the doors being opened and closed around the he would have opened and closed the fort. There are even reports of some smelling the faint scent of his cherry pipe tobacco.

Believers are so convinced that the fort is haunted, paranormal investigators have spent time at the fort trying to unravel the mysteries that attach themselves to Fort Knox.

Today Fort Knox is a National Historic Landmark. It’s a lovely historic site to visit. I especially like the former cannon turrets. The majestic views of the river below. I do prefer to be there during the day however they have in years past held popular “fright nights at the fort” around Halloween that certainly raise the hair on the back of your neck. If you can’t wait for halloween and really want an immersive experience, you can sign up for ”Ghosts of Fort Knox Guided Tour”, complete with expert ghost hunters and paranormal gear and a rich experience…if you dare.

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