If you know me, you know I'm drawn to the ocean like a moth to light. There's just something about it that draws me in every time, the sounds, the smells, the boats, it's as if I'm almost spellbound.

Just a few of the reasons that I'm excited about the the second weekend each August, with the exception of last year of course, since that is when the Maine Boat & Home Show hits the waterfront in Rockland.

This is a three day event that draws in people from all over the county, and some international visitors as well. It is the only place in the state of Maine that you will find a "in the water" boat show. It's all put on by Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine, which happens to be a favorite of mine.

This year will be extra special since it will also highlight a Maine bicentennial event that will showcase 200 yeas of Maine boats.

You can also look forward to checking out many fine boats and yachts both in the water and on land. There is going to be an expanded exhibitors space that will feature everything from boat dealers to local artisans, food, music, and fun for all.

You will be able to demo smaller vessels like kayaks and canoes , and even paddle boards too. There truly is something for everyone of all ages.

CLICK HERE for more information or to volunteer for this grand event. I'll see you there, you never know when I might belt out an old sea chanty, that's worth the price of admission alone!

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