I will be the first person to admit that I have been completely confused for the last nine months or so on what exactly I am supposed to do. Depending on who I would ask you did need to have your vehicles and campers registered while other would tell me no. Common logic says that I should have just googled it or gone to a news source- well, I did. And frequently I would end up more confused than I had even started out.

Recently changes had been made to the registration and renewal deadlines based on when you purchased your car and when the registration was set to expire. I'll be honest, I've been driving my truck unregistered since September. As it turns out, I need to get it taken care of- and now.

According to WABI TV 5, Maine's new Secretary of State Shenna Bellows says that the time has come. She says that Maine's Bureau of Motor Vehicles is now fully reopen and Mainers need to renew or update their existing credentials with the State of Maine. This includes vehicle registrations, trailer registrations, driver's licenses and more.

Bellows said in a statement,

”Our team had heard loud and clear from the public, that they need their licenses and IDs, they need their vehicle titles and registrations for other aspects of their lives, and so we heard that message and we are here to serve the public.”

If you have an existing registration and you don't want to put the Pringles down to go to the BMV office, no worries! Maine has an exceptional rapid renewal tool that you can access by literally clicking right here. You'll need your current vehicle registration and your insurance policy number.

If you just purchased a new vehicle, you'll need to head to town and 'take a number'.


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