Lunch? Yes, please. Learning? Yes, please.

On Wednesday June 5th you can join TSM Central Maine you have a chance to do exactly this…’Lunch and Learn’.

Let’s face it digital marking for your business can be overwhelming. TSM Central Maine can give you some insight and is a place to turn to for help sorting it all out. You will learn a bit about website optimization, how to focus your online marketing and about REMARKETING. What is remarketing you ask? Well, my friend, I will let the pros at TSM Central Maine explain it to you. I can tell you it is a very powerful tool in reaching your potential clients. When I learned what it was it blew my cool!

Lunch and Learn!  Come enjoy a free catered lunch and learn about digital advertising and remarketing. Lunch & learns are free events.

The ‘lunch’ part of this is catered by Lilac Catering and Mixology…so ya…lunch is GOOD!   RSVP right here so we know how many people to plan for on Wednesday.

So you end your lunch hour with a great meal, some cool swag and ALOT of new ideas on marking your business.


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