We're not physically on house arrest, though sometimes lately it can certainly feel like it. Remember, just because you may not be able to go to a sporting event, or to a playground, you can still get outside!

Today is going to be a gorgeous day out. I mean really, this is the perfect summer day to me. Most, including my wife, will probably disagree on the "perfect" part, but sun and 65 is totally where it's at! Though she'd rather see sun and 80. That's too hot, I don't want to be sweaty McBetty out there.

It's amazing how far a little fresh air and sunshine can go. Especially for people who may really be feeling the negative effects of a quarantine and social distancing. Just getting outside for an hour or two can make a world of difference for you. Whether you go outside with the family or you go out all alone, just get outside!

Here's a pro-tip, order a badminton set from Amazon and set that puppy up in your yard. I remember as a kid spending countless hours outside playing badminton. We would run around and laugh and play and just soak up the afternoon sunshine.

Maybe there's a spot on a pond or a lake that you know of that's never too busy, you could go down there and skip some rocks into the water or cast a line out and try your hand at fishing.

Just because we can't really do anything doesn't mean we can't get out and do something, ya know? Sometimes when you're feeling a little down like this is just going to go on and on forever, taking a pause and a trip outside, especially on a nice day like today is all you need.

As a matter of fact, we're going boating this afternoon when Keri is done work. Gonna load up the kids and head to the lake for a couple hours of zooming around on the water. Who know, maybe I'll even invite my parents, it is their boat after all.

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