Good day everyone, I have a complaint. Or maybe it's more of a concern? Whatever it is, something has gone array because things are started to disappear in my city and surrounding towns.

I was determined yesterday to go on a mission. What was this mission you ask? I was seeking creamer. Specifically, coffee mate. The most angelic liquid to poor into java that has ever existed on this earth. I was searching because it's all gone. In a snap of a finger the shelves are cleared of my creamer.

First, it was the tampons, now its the creamer? Am I allowed to create some kind of peaceful protest where we all bring out cups of black coffee and yell "This is not enough!"

Yesterday I went to 6 different stores in my area and nada! The shelves are completely empty. So, I ended up at a gas station and was embarrassingly filling a cup of their liquid syrup creamer. But then, the heavenly clouds opened and I noticed itty bitty baby creamers, jackpot.

It took me about 20 minutes to fill my coffee because I use a lot of creamer. So, one by one very gently, trying not to spill, I used up all of my itty bitty gas station cream-creams.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder- Baby Gas Station Creams

But this is not sufficient and I have to admit that I am addicted to Coffee Mate creamer. I understand that there are probably healthier alternatives that are available now to add o your coffee ,but I just can't seem to pull myself away from this creamer and now, it's gone.

It is very hard for me to imagine that in our state in the year 2022, we would see any type of food shortage. But Maine has seen many shortages on products due to different reasons.

An article from Newsbreak says, 

Food shortages have been happening across the nation due to inflation, pent-up demand, and supply chain challenges. Maine is no stranger to food insecurity and similar issues.


It seems as though every other week a different product we need is empty from the shelves. I hope that this will eventually, soon, fix itself but due to the current behavior of the supply climate, I am unsure this will happen.

Until then, I will continue to buy gas station baby creamers.

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