2020 hasn't been the best year on record, has it? We've experienced of garbage this year for an entire decade worth of years, but still, we press on and somehow find the strength to keep on smiling. Well, 2020 isn't quite done with us yet.

Heaven forbid we get a 24-hour break of the nonsense to celebrate Christmas with our loved ones. Nope, that's not gonna happen either. Maine is in the direct path of a storm that will bring heavy rains, high winds and likely power outages to the region.

According to News Center Maine, the rain will move in on Christmas eve and become steadier through the overnight hours. As we move into Christmas day the temperatures will climb, the rain will get heavier and the winds will begin to blow. Here in Central Maine we can expect temps to climb to near 55 on Christmas day. Additionally, we can expect wind gusts of more than 40 miles per hour. Those same gusts could be near 55 the closer you move to the coast.

Because of the warm temps and rain totals expecting to reach 2 inches or more in most of Maine, localized flooding will be likely, especially when you factor in the rapid snow melt that most of us will see from this storm. The skiers and snowmobilers won't be very happy about this..

News Center's Keith Carson says that because of the heavy rain and wind we will see power outages but that there's no way to predict just how widespread those will be. If you are a CMP customer you can click here to view the current outage list and restoration times. If you are a Versant customer (formerly Emera) you can click here for the latest outage information.

Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

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