Simple question, how would you like to get paid for eating BBQ?

Simple answer...Ah Yeah!

Reynolds Wrap announced a contest to find someone to travel and taste test the best barbecue in the country.

The position is "Chief Grilling Officer." The purpose of the position is to share grilling tips and techniques, which the company believes will be found among barbecue lovers and grilling enthusiasts.

The person hired will work for two weeks and receive a $10,000 stipend, plus prepaid travel and lodging for themselves and a guest.

"So, if you don’t mind being paid to taste test some of the most delicious grilled dishes from across the country, posting envy-inducing pictures of your finds and falling asleep every night dreaming about your next meal, then you could have what it takes," the company wrote on its website.

Well you know what they lead a horse to BBQ but you can't make him eat. Well, something like that. The rest is up to you!


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