So this just happened.  We had Frank Coco, owner of the AVEDA Institute, along with Patrick Lomantini in the studio to promote BarkAID.  BarkAID is a benefit where you can get your haircut by Patrick (one of the country's BEST stylists) and proceeds will go to the Kennebec Valley Humane Society.  During the interview, Frank spontaneously volunteered himself for something he might now be regretting.

This is the 6th annual BarkAID event at the AVEDA Institute.  KVHS will be set up outside giving doggie baths and doggie pedicures...all by donations.  Now, here's where Frank comes in.  If the BarkAID event raises $3000, he will shave his hair and beard! gets better...

Frank CoCo
Patrick Lomantini & Frank Coco

Renee Nelson said if they raise $5000, she will get a haircut to match Shadow Dog!

Shadow Dog

Y'all...what are you waiting for!  COLLECT THE MONEY!  LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!  Call 621-9941 (APPOINTMENTS ENCOURAGED)

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