WHAT?  Mainers have had a long term love affair with Allen's Coffee Brandy.  I remember years ago Allen's, in different sized bottles, took up most of the top ten list of alcohol sold in Maine.

coffee brandy

Allen's Coffee Brandy IS Maine!


Now that sassy pants Fireball Whisky rolls into town.  They spell 'whisky' without the 'e'. Their tag line is 'tastes like heaven, burns like hell'.  I tried it and I gotta tell you...it was really good...really, really good.

I'm not alone in that.  SunJournal.com said that the sale of Fireball in Maine came close to that of Allen's. Allen’s sold $10.1 million worth of coffee brandy in Maine last year. That is around 6 % of total hard alcohol sales in Maine! Over the last four years Allen's numbers have been slipping, Fireball was up $6.4 million and Tito’s vodka jumped almost $5.5 million. ( have not tried the Tito's...yet!)

Fireball can even claim its Maine connection to one of its bottling faculty in Lewiston. Tito's is out of Texas.

Me?  Gotta say...Allen's was never my thing. Fireball, well, I can see me having a little bottle of that hanging around.

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