Believe it or not, there is such a thing as having 'manners' at an Easter egg hunt.  You're not really supposed be greedy and pushy at these events...although it seems most participants seem to think that is the case.  So, as we prepare to kick off Easter egg hunts, I want to remind parents and kids how you're really supposed to behave.

Parents - talk to your older kids about the the behavior you expect from them.  Running and chasing, not sharing, pushing is all completely unacceptable.  If you don't think your child can abide by these rules, don't bring them.

Also - If you, too, can't abide by these rules...don't go.  It shocks me to no end that every year I see parents grabbing eggs for their kids.  C'mon now.

It's not a competition!

Hunts are supposed to be fun - if you're not having a good time...leave.  Don't complain to the organization, putting on the FREE hunt, that your child didn't get an egg.  It's not their fault.  They also can't control the behavior of other people and their kids.  This organization worked hard to do this event.  If people complain, it will deter them from doing it again in the future.


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