The Moosehead lake area is one of the most popular regions in the entire state, and for good reason. The region offers unique shopping, hunting, boating, ATV'ing, fishing, and float-plane tours.

But, one of the most recognizable parts of the entire region is the Katahdin 'Steamship' that runs tours and private functions from downtown Greenville all around Maine's largest fresh body of water. We put 'steamship' in quotes because while she's modeled after a real steamship, she's actually powered by a large diesel engine.

However, before people were buying lake tour tickets on the Katahdin, there were dozens of other actual steamships that used to call Moosehead Lake home- and a lot of those are still in the lake, just at the bottom of it.

While Moosehead Lake was home to many-a-steamship, the most notable one that we could find was the Twighlight II. According to The Village Soup, the Twilight II was a steamship that was built in 1910 in Greenville Junction. It was owned and operated by a company called Coburn Steamboat Co and served as an excursion vessel for the lake.

She was a whopping 96 feet long and had a width (beam) of 20 feet. She was a beautiful steamship that was eventually converted over to diesel power following World War I, The Village Soup reports.

The ship met its fate in the winter of 1921 when thick ice damaged the vessel and put multiple holes through her hull. She inevitably sank into the frigid lake, her bow still tied to the dock.

To this day, the wreck is still accessible to people by boat, though land access is prohibited, the Village Soup reported. The wreck is protected by the State of Maine so no debris may be removed from the wreck.


Moosehead Lake Mansion

29 W Cove Pt, Greenville Maine, offers some amazing features & views!

6 East Road, Greenville, Maine

Built in the 1930s, this massive estate looks like something straight out of an old movie. I encompasses over 250 acres and includes a mansion, a golf course, stables, and more. As of October 2021, the price was just under $13 million. Take a look and get more details HERE

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