OK, maybe I'm dating myself here but ...do you remember ceramic Christmas trees?  Pretty much anyone that took a ceramic class back in the day made one. Little tabletop gems with sparkly plastic lights that were everywhere in the 70's. Personally, I inherited one from grandmother when she pasted and no one else wanted it.  So yes, I have one up and out as part of my Christmas decor right now.

It didn't occur to me that those old relics from years past had any value outside of sentimental value. Wow, was I wrong! Like the old saying wait long enough and something becomes hot again, these retro decorations are making a comeback!

Doing a search on eBay revealed people are selling these vintage trees for big bucks! One recently sold for $79, another sold for $440, and believe it or not, another one sold for $649

I think I'm going to hang on to mine for now but, maybe next year if the price is right, I may be inclined to pass the Christmas cheer. How about you?

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