Each week, we take a look at one of the cities in our listening area.  This week, Gardiner is up!

According to Wikipedia, Gardiner was founded as Gardinerstown Plantation in 1754 by a Boston physician (Dr. Silvester Gardiner).  The owner of several drug stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut, Dr. Gardiner used his money to tirelessly promote the development of the region.

Like many towns on the Kennebec River, Gardiner became an industrial center with mills and factories popping up in the early 19th century.  Also, ice harvested from the river helped refrigerate products shipped all over the country.  And, during the Civil War, the town became known as a center for shipbuilding.

Today, Gardiner has a population of 5,800 people, has a thriving downtown, and hosts several great festivals.

Check out these pics of life in Gardiner


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