Even though we are still occasionally hearing about this variant or that variant, for the most part, the pandemic is behind us.  So, you're probably planning that long overdue trip to see your relatives on the other side of the country.  The last time you had a chance to visit mom and dad for the holidays was in 2019 and you really want to be home for Christmas this year.

But, as you were just about to click PURCHASE on that travel website, you remember that you still haven't gotten you new REAL ID.

Honestly, you forgot, didn't you?  It has been about 4 years since they started talking about them here in Maine.  For various reasons, including the pandemic, the deadline for getting them kept getting pushed back.

Now, as you get ready to fly to San Diego, or Tucson, or The Villages (America's friendlies hometown) to visit mom and dad, you're concerned that they may not let you onto that plane.

Take a deep breath...  It's okay.  According to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles website, the deadline for getting a REAL ID is not until next spring.  A video on the Maine BMV website your regular ID or license are still good for use on domestic commercial flights.  Starting on May 3rd, 2023, you are going to need to have your REAL ID or have an approved alternate ID, like a passport or military ID.

Of course, if you do want to get a REAL ID, you can make a trip over to the nearest BMV office and do it now.  You can even schedule an appointment online.  Just click HERE

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