Hey...if they can get my avocado to last more than 60 seconds...and do it so it will not harm me or the food...I am all in.

This company in California call Apeel Science has a product that is apparently made with the natural chemicals that already happen in fruits and veggies to help give them an additional protective outer layer to keep them from going bad as quick.

Food lasts longer... so it can be picked closer to ripe, make it's journey to the stores and stay usable longer at home with the consumer.  Less food waste and more time to get food from farm to our table... while being stable.  Interesting!

Check out this video on an avocado.  I LOVE avocado but to get one that is perfect I have to uses it that day or have a ninja sense of timing to wait..and not miss the perfect moment.  This is a 30 day time lapse.

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