According to WGME 13, two people are dead following an incident with an Amtrak train bound for Brunswick from Boston on Sunday morning.

According to Biddeford Police Department, the incident happened Sunday morning at about 11:00. That's when two people, who currently remain unidentified, were struck and killed by the Amtrak train.

WGME reports that at the time of the incident there were 81 passengers aboard the Amtrak train.

Reports indicate that Amtrak staff initially told those on board that the train made an unexpected stop due to a 'trespassing issue'.

A representative from Amtrak said in a statement to the news outlet,

"Amtrak train 691 was traveling from Boston to Brunswick at approximately 11 a.m. when individuals who were trespassing on the track came into contact with the train east of Saco. There have been no reported injuries to the passengers or crew onboard. Amtrak is working with local law enforcement to investigate the incident."

Following the collision, passengers were kept aboard the train for about two hours until being taken off. Following their removal from the train, the passengers were transported to Portland, Maine by bus, WGME reports.

One of the passengers on the train told WGME 13,

"We slowed down and I was just thinking that this could have been potentially just another little delay or something. But twenty minutes later they started whispering around, telling people things and they came on in an announcement in our cab. A lot of people were angry, confused and then soon people were just kind of reasonable and understanding."

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