Safiya Khalid of Lewiston has been a trailblazer since the day I met her. She has worked alongside the community as a City Council person and make so much noise for equality and the black lives matter movement.

She works so hard to make sure that all community members are not only treated equally but feel welcomed and understand empathy. She has been recently working very hard on a new and inspiring project that I want to share.

I was able to catch up with her and what she has to offer is very exciting and welcoming.

Safiya has always inspired positive change, invested in her community and nothing will stop her from creating a more peaceful and kind world.

The Community Organizing Alliance is the non-profit that Safiya started. According to their website, they are attempting to raise awareness to help New-Mainers become more involved in their community.

The organization is located on 564 Main Street in Lewiston, Maine.

Their mission statement is as follows,

Investing in people to enable them to shape and change the landscape of their community.

This organization will support people of color and low-income community members to be more engaged within their community.

Their vision is as follows,

We envision and aspire to create an inclusive democracy where all individuals regardless of nationality and background are included, heard and empowered

Safiya and her friends are doing something that is commendable, they are continuing the fight for acceptances, equality, and peace. Community is so important to her and their work is implemented by a few objectives, Listening, Education, and Organizing (LEO).

L.E.O is,

A program that focuses on actively listening to community problems, being there to educate, and empowering people to organize and influence their communities.

Safiya is welcoming you all to join her for community discussions to talk about challenges you're facing and how to overcome them, together. She wants to give you a safe and secure place to talk about local, state, and federal policies.

She will have educational workshops with her partners to raise awareness on,

 Policies, structural and systemic concerns, and to equip you with the tools to be involved and empowered. Organizing and taking action doesn’t always look the same but here at COA, we will be there with our community members to elevate their voices and empower them in spaces they’re rarely in.


This is of monumental importance and to take on this type of challenge of bringing people together is commendable. It's not an easy feat to discuss issues that are tough to speak on but Safiya is determined to continue the conversations and create a safe space for change.

She has broken down the pillars within the Community Organizing Alliance to which you will follow if you want to be a part of this. Creating strong relationships and positive communication is what life is all about.

The L.E.O. program will enable community members to feel seen and heard, and empower them to make the changes they need in their communities.

Safiya Khalid

Check out the website and become a member of a movement that is bound to generate understanding, love, education, and to build a more kind community.

Please also show your support by attending the official launch party, all information is here!

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