In the past, your large family vacations have included trips to the amusement parks in Orlando, sightseeing trips to New York City & Washington DC, and trips to seriously over-crowded beaches.  After having several long discussions, this year you've decided to do something different.  Way different!  You've decided that the family really needs to get away from it all.

Well, this could be the perfect place.

On VRBO, you can rent a private, 80 acre, island off the coast of Maine!

The listing says that Spruce Island has a small compound that includes several houses, an outdoor kitchen that is perfect for a lobster feast (or BBQ), vegetable garden, and more.

The seven bedrooms can sleep between 18 and 20 people comfortably.  If some of the guests don't mind sleeping in tents, it can accommodate even more guests.  Dogs are allowed, but you need to get permission first and pay a fee.  The number of people it can accommodate makes it the perfect place to hold your next family reunion.

The island also features miles of coastline, including several private beaches.  There are also hiking trails cut through the island.  It is the perfect place for people who love outdoor activities like swimming, boating, kayaking, and fishing.

While the property is off the grid, it is still close enough to land for you to have cellphone service.  So, you can get phone calls and internet via smartphone data connections.

Private Maine Island Rental

The private island is located off the coast of Stonington / Deer Isle. It can be rented for about $1,000 per night from VRBO.

While the rental rate probably changes depending on the season, the dates we looked at had a rate of just over $1,000 per night.

Located on the Mid-Coast of Maine, it is a great option for families (or companies) coming from other parts of Maine, from New Hampshire, from Massachusetts, or from New York.

Get all the details from the VRBO listing.

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