According to WABI TV 5, a woman from Lewiston, Maine is dead following a tragic incident that led her to slip and stumble down a waterfall on Saturday afternoon.

The news station reports that Tanisha Barry, 29 of Lewiston, was with a friend on Saturday afternoon at Smalls Falls in Franklin County.

While they were there, Tanisha and her friend went into the water in a pool up above the falls. It was then that she got too close to the edge and stumbled.

WABI reports that before she could regain her footing she fell from the falls landing about 30 feet down.

After the fall, Barry's friend went down to try and find her, but was unable because of how turbulent the water was at the bottom of the falls, WABI reported.

The friend then got in a car and drove to where there was cell phone service to call 911. When rescuers arrived on scene they had to rappel down to where Barry had fallen. Once there, they were able to locate her body and retrieve it from the water, WABI said.

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