We all know the store and we all know the iconic jingle by heart. We have also all come to know and love owner Tom Davis and his amazing team of family and friends that have helped run one of Central Maine's most recognizable stores for more than two decades. And today, in an announcement on Facebook, they've announced they'll soon be closing the doors forever.

While we could easily summarize and rewrite the eloquently stated Facebook post that was published on the Are You Ready To Party Facebook page on Thursday afternoon, we thought it best to leave it exactly as it was written.

After 21 years we have decided to close at the end of day November 1, 2021. Everyone who has an order through October, we will be there. For those who have a confirmed order for next year you should have received an email or call with info on who is interested in meeting your needs for your event. We tried not to leave anyone hanging and that is why we are closing this fall versus closer to your events.
I would like to thank all our customers over the years. Many of you have become close friends since we have been your supplier for those 21 years. I personally cannot thank you enough.
To our employees, past, present, foreign, and even the ones who we parted on bad terms. I could not have made it this far without the dedication of each one of you. I have learned a lot from each one of you and thank you for being part of our family. Our relationships will continue for many more years.
Of course I am lucky to have my wife, Betty-Ann, son, Griffin and extended family who have put in many hours when it was needed and they had better things to do like sleep, but they always said, “trust your crazy ideas”
The retail store will be open until November 1, 2021. Balloons with helium will be available until we run out of helium, considering we have not been able to get a delivery for the past four weeks, our helium supply is low. As far as all the other retail items, there will be major mark downs in the coming weeks on certain items.
Once again, please stop in buy something and thank our staff, I would not have been here for so long if it was not for them.
We are under contract with Keenan Auction who will be doing an online auction for our rental items in mid-November.
Lastly, to steal a quote from Mike Rowe, “I am looking forward to the future, and feeling grateful for the past."

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