While many people love living in Maine because it gives them the chance to be close to nature, sometimes we end up coming a little took close to nature.

According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, an 89 year old woman was viciously attacked by a fox while taking a walk through a tightly packed condo development in Auburn.  The attack reportedly happened on the afternoon of Friday, November 4th, on Old Carriage Road.

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The fox approached the woman and, without warning, pulled her to the ground.

The woman did fight back, but it took a nearby person with a metal rod to drive the animal off.

Police were called, but the fox was long gone before they arrived on the scene.  A short time after the woman was attacked, a call came into place about dogs being attacked by a fox near Granite Hills Estates.

The woman was treated for her injuries.  She reportedly ended up with nearly two dozen scratches and puncture wounds from the animal's claws and teeth.

There has been speculation that the animal may have been rabid.

The story came to light because the 89 year old woman's daughter, Joline Chabot Betsch, posted on Facebook about the attack.  Her goal was to warn others that the fox could still be in the area.

According to the State of Maine website, there are two varieties of foxes found in Maine.  The stereotypical "red" fox which is known for heaving a bright reddish-orange coat, white chest, white tipped tail, and black chest fur.  The other type is the "gray" fox, known for its white / gray coloring.  You can learn more about the differences in the types of foxes HERE.

Clearly, it is never safe to approach a wild animal, no matter how friendly they may appear to be.

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