1,300 pounds of candy is ready to go!

The event will be happening at the Geiger building at 70 Mount Hope Avenue in Lewiston. The candy giveaway will be taking place Halloween afternoon from 4:30-8:30 PM. But if you don't use the aforementioned password, you'll only receive ONE giant candy bar instead of three. Oh, and some even have four in them!

For years Peter has joined us in studio to talk about the password and what he had in store for visitors on Halloween night. Because of the current climate Peter joined us by phone this morning but we still managed to have lots of fun! He went on to tell us that he has purchased the most king-sized candy bars ever. Leading up to Halloween day, Geiger has purchased nearly 8,000 , massive candy bars. That equates to about 1,460 pounds of candy!


Peter also takes the time to put everything into individual bags and even has bags that are peanut free and chocolate free. So if you're in the Lewiston area tomorrow afternoon between 4-8:30 PM, make sure to stop into Geiger at 70 Mount Hope Ave and say the password BEE KIND!

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