If you have drive through downtown Waterville in the last year, or so, you have no doubt noticed a lot of road work being done.  At one point, Main Street resembled no man's land in a World War One battlefield.

What was the purpose of all this road work?  After many decades, the plan is to make traffic on Main Street and Front Street 2-way.  Several years ago, the same change was made in downtown Augusta and it seemed to have positive results.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Earlier this month, as the work was nearing completion, it was announced by City of Waterville officials that the traffic pattern would change on Saturday, November 5th.

Now, we are hearing that the change in traffic patterns will be delayed by several days.

According to the KJ, additional work needs to be done on the drainage system. Officials now say that the traffic change will now likely occur on Monday, November 14th, 2022.

The main streets of concern are the intersections of Main and Temple streets, and at the intersection of Main Street and Appleton Street.  Several special catch basins need to be installed.

It is kind of unfortunate that they are moving the traffic change to a Monday.  One of the benefits of making the change on a weekend is that it would give people a little time to get accustomed to it before dealing with it during normal workday traffic.

The KJ has a great graphic showing how traffic will flow in the new pattern.  See it HERE

The article also said that, despite the fact the change is expected to take place on November 14th, a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on November 18th.

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