News Center Maine shared this story last night about a woman in Old Orchard Beach who kept hearing noises that sounded like someone, or something banging on a window in a different room at her home. The woman said it was around 8:30 when she began to hear the noise.

Alison Sundquist went to investigate the noise that was coming from the room where they keep their 3 parakeets. Alison told News Center Maine that they keep the shade open for the birds to enjoy the sunrise. That's when she discovered what the noise was. A freakin' owl was trying to have the parakeets for dinner!

As she and her husband watched in amazement the owl didn't get spooked and fly off. Instead it sat on the window sill for a minute, probably trying to figure out why it couldn't get at the little birds who were also watching the whole thing. So she quickly grabbed her phone and began recording the event.


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