Ironman Maine 70.3 is right around the corner, and they need your help. Let me tell you all about this remarkable and physically incredible event.

According to their website, the KV YMCA has partnered with Ironman 70.3 Maine, and they are in need of volunteers for their upcoming event in Augusta on Sunday, July 31.

They are asking for volunteers, not just a few, but hundreds, and I think as a state we can pull together and show up for this remarkable event. It will include a swim downriver on the Kennebec River, cycling along the rolling hills and 13.1-mile run along the canopy tree-lined Kennebec River Trail.

Todd Quacken via Unsplash
Todd Quacken via Unsplash

The website states that if you're a non-profit or organized group who volunteers, you'll be able to receive grant funds! The more people that volunteer in your group, the more funds you can receive. Sign ups are here!

These are the volunteer titles that need your help the most. There are a variety of different things that you can personally choose to help out with.

The following are jobs that need more volunteers Athlete Check-in, Bike Aid Station, Cross Walk Security, Environmental Green Team, General Volunteers, Finish Line, Volunteer Check in/Info Booth, Lifeguards, Lead Escort Runners, Med Info, Kayak Canoe Sign Up, Packet Stuffing, Run Course Pointers and more. Check out the list here!

Regional Director, Dave Christen said in a YouTube Video about the event,

"This is some of the greatest bike-riding you're ever going to see to be in Maine in the summer is just an incredible time of year to be there."

Check out the video for more information and their website for further info and sign ups! To register for the race, click here.

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