Picket Fences...  Chicago Hope... Ally McBeal...  Boston Legal...  Goliath...  Any of these shows sound familiar?  Did you know they were created by a guy from Waterville?

According to Wikipedia, TV writer and producer David Edward Kelley was born in Waterville, Maine on April 4th, 1956.

The son of Boston University Terriers and New England Whalers hockey coach Jack Kelley, he was raised in Belmont, MA and attended Belmont Hill School and Princeton University.  He got his law degree from the Boston University School of Law.

While practicing law, he began writing in his spare time.  He wrote a legal thriller screenplay that, in 1987, was made into the feature movie "From The Hip"

After reading the script for "From The Hip", Steven Bochco hired Kelley to write for his new NBC legal drama LA Law.  From there, Kelley formed his own production company and produced Picket Fences, Chicago Hope, The Practice, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, and Boston Public.

In recent years he has worked on the American version of "Life On Mars" and on the Amazon show "Goliath"

In January of 1993, David E. Kelley and Michelle Pfeiffer were set up on a blind date.  They were married that December.

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