Maine is off to a cold, snowy start of winter AND there are still weeks to go befor winter actually starts on December 21st.

Check out this report from on just what a chilly start the Northeast has had this year.  Cold-Cold-Cold!

This week's Winter Storm Bruce was a wet snowy mess. At my house the temperature was over freezing so it was snowy slop as I tried to clean it up.  I had to shovel because the big fancy snow blower does not like wet heavy snow.  Here are the snow totals from the National Weather Service from around the state.

So... it is not even December 1 and many school districts have used three snow days, the state has already made a dent in its supply of road salt and just about every community has had to do more than its fair share of road clean up.

And one other for the extreme cold we had last week...beware any ice you may see on lakes and ponds is probably not safe so use caution and always test the ice before you go out on it.

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